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How to save thousands by doing it right

Were you ever considering buying/going to Forex courses at any time?
Can you remember what questions and/or doubts did you have?

This topic will help you to sort out those questions and decide firmly on

Whether you NEED or DON'T NEED to buy a Forex course.

First of all, several not so obvious facts about Forex courses

Forex courses are all helpful, but you have to shop with knowledge.
When you have no clues about the topics discussed in the course, and you decision to buy it is based on the fact that a course seems to be popular or well promoted — you're likely to make a mistake.

Good Forex courses cost money, while useless courses cost pennies. Good Forex courses will pay you back for the rest of your trading career; useless courses can drain thousands from your pockets and bring little in return.

One Forex course won't make you a millionaire, but will allow you to make a huge step forward to your financial success.

Before you Buy know "Why"

Buying any Forex course is easy, what is more challenging is to buy a really good Forex course.

Listen to your motivation

How to do it?

First of all, listen to your personal motivation:

- Have you come to this decision constructively?
- Or have you come to this point out of despair?

While first motivation will help you to make the choice, the second could lead to a disaster.

It is not a secret that a person cannot be perfect in everything. We do what we can do best in our field and learn other skills from professionals in their industry. That's a constructive approach.

But, what if you have spent years searching for that Holy Grail system over the Internet, trying variety of trading setups, changing indicators, platforms — doing anything and everything to reach the perfection and start earning desired income, but instead, you've ended up with a mixed package of ideas and no solid performance at all. If you were able to trade well in the beginning, now it seems like you have actually stopped being profitable and started losing in Forex. Sounds familiar? The line between losing and winning in Forex is very thing, that's why traders should always be focused and know exactly what to do...

Anyway, one day you may decide to buy a course, practically out of frustration, since it seems to be the only way to return you back on a solid trading path. Such approach is warning, as you may go and buy a course you'll be disappointed with later, which may totally destroy your desire to trade Forex!

Thus you should stop and think for a moment. What's your motivation and past trading experience?
And then think constructively how you are going to buy a course. Not just any course out of desperation, but to make the right choice. If you start thinking clear, then things become easy. You may even imagine that you are going to buy, for example, a stereo system for your car. Would you buy just anything? Probably not. You would research the market, learn the brands, compare the performance, come and actually try the system out and make your firm final decision.

Same with Forex courses. How to make the right choice? What would be on Forex courses check list? You have to answer those questions for yourself.

I'd also add that it is quite an immature decision to go out and buy a course without knowing how it works. It can be compared to buying something like "Gugo-logo-bot" : you don't know what it is and neither do I (it is just a nonsense word in this case), but if I start telling everyone that this monster is actually a system to make Hu-uuge money trading Forex, interestingly, many people start thinking of buying it.

In order to buy a Forex course or a system consciously, one should know the basic trading principles that this course uses. E.g. if you decide to buy a Forex course that teaches about advanced techniques based on Fibonacci trading method, for example, you should clearly understand what Fibonacci method is all about: basics how it works, what it gives and, most importantly, make a decision if you like this study and does it convince you as a trader, and will you be willing to learn even more about this method and apply it to your Forex trading in the future.

That's how conscious buying of any Forex course should be approached.

Good luck with your best choice!
Jeff Boyd


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